Midnight Music

by George Arnold

George Arnold

When the sun has passed away,
When the night has crowned the day,
And the planet's trembling radiance
Rules above with gentle sway;
Through the sighing poplar-trees
Floats a cadence on the breeze,
Up into the moonlit heaven,
Out across the moonlit seas.
In the grand old garden, near,
Manly voices, singing clear,
Mingled with the quivering viol,
Pierce the midnight atmosphere.
O,'t is sweet, when day has flown,
By the casement, all alone,
Thus to sit, and drink, like nectar,
Midnight music's regal tone!
Lady, whosoe'er thou art,
Seest thou him who stands apart?
None could sing thus save a lover,
And his song should win thy heart!

Last updated September 17, 2022