One Generation Passeth Away and Another Cometh

From world to world, unknown we speed,
And leave the globe where first we try;
While others to our place succeed,
And in a moment die.

Alas, we know not whence we came,
To tarry but a transient day;
Break into time to gather fame,
And pass at once away.

At once we rise and fix our snares,
To catch the flitting birds of gain;
'Till burdened with a thousand cares,
And life turns into pain.

Vain bird, a while think what am I,
Here entering mid a hawk-like throng;
Quickly hatched out, as quick to fly,
And dare not tarry long.

Where is the mighty and the stout,
Who lived this fading world to crave?
Left and forever gone without
A stone to show their grave.

Last updated March 11, 2023