The Intemperance Club

On smiling wealth, intemp'rance war began,
Away young health and mother genius flew;
And when from [health] the child and parent ran,
In stepped Dyspepsia belching, how do ye do?

'Twas then the din of desperation rose,
Pleasure and pain at once their daggers drew;
Pain with his rod struck pleasure on the nose —
In stepped lean Palsy trembling, how do ye do?

Young health came back to take a peep,
But stay'd not long the ghastly sight to view;
And on her flight could not forbear to weep —
In stepped the Cholic frowning, how do ye do?

She heard the crash of gambling rend the floor,
And in the house saw poverty's dull crew;
When down the foot of Bolus kicked the door —
In stepped the King of Terrors, how do ye do?

Last updated March 24, 2023