by George Herbert

George Herbert

Thou who condemnest Jewish hate,
For choosing Barabbas a murderer
Before the Lord of glorie;
Look back upon thine own estate,
Call home thine eye (that busie wanderer)
That choice may be thy storie.
He that doth love, and love amisse
This world's delights before true Christian joy,
Hath made a Jewish choice:
The world an ancient murderer is;
Thousands of souls it hath and doth destroy
With her enchanting voice.
He that hath made a sorrie wedding
Between his soul and gold, and hath preferr'd
False gain before the true,
Hath done what he condemnes in reading:
For he hath sold for money his deare Lord,
And is a Judas-Jew.
Thus we prevent the last great day,
And judge our selves. That light which sin and passion
Did before dimme and choke,
When once those snuffes are ta'en away,
Shines bright and cleare, ev'n unto condemnation,
Without excuse or cloak.

Last updated January 14, 2019