Hai bas ki har ik unke ishaare


hai bas_ki har ik uNke ishaare meN nishaaN aur
karte haiN mohabbat to guzarta hai gumaaN aur
Yaa_Rab!, na vo samjheN haiN na samjheNge m'ri baat
de aur dil uNko, jo na de mujhko zubaaN aur
abruu se hai kya us nigeh-e-naaz ko, paiwaNd?
hai tiir moqarrar, magar uski hai kamaaN aur
tum shehr meN ho to hameN kya gham jab uTheNge
le aayeNge bazaar se jaa_kar, dil_o_jaaN aur
har_chaNd subuk_dast huye but_shikani meN
ham haiN to abhi raah meN haiN saNg-e-giraaN aur
hai khuuN-e-jigar josh meN dil khol ke rota
hote jo kaii diida-e-khuuN ya na nishaaN aur
martaa huN us aawaaz pe har_chaNd sar aR jaaye
jallad ko lekin vo kahe jaayeN ki "haaN aur!"
logoNko hai khurshiid-e-jahaaN_taab ka dhoka
har roz dikhaataa huN maiN ik daagh-e-nihaaN aur
haiN aur_bhi duNiyaa meN sukhan_var bahot achchhe
kahte haiN ki "Ghalib" ka hai aNdaaz-e-bayaaN aur
although in her every indication, the aim is something else
If she shows her affection(with me), then different suspicion arises
oh Lord, 'they' have not understood, nor will [they] understand, my speech
give 'them' another heart, if you don't give me a different tongue
does that glance of coquetry have a connection with the eyebrow?
it is certainly an arrow- perhaps it has a different bow
if you're in the city, then what grief do I have? when we get up
I will go and bring back from the bazaar a different heart and life
although [I /we] became quick-handed / deft in idol-breaking
If I am alive, then in my path there will be many heavy-stones
the blood of the liver is in turmoil-or I would have wept to my heart's content
if I had had a number of different pure-blood-scattering eyes
I will die [of love] for that voice, although my head may fly off!
but let her keep saying to the executioner,'Yes, more/another!'
people are deceived about the world-{heating/burning} sun
every day I show one different hidden scar/wound
There are many good poets in this world.
But it is said that Ghalib is in a league of his own.

Last updated January 14, 2019