Castle on the Shore

by Glen Martin Fitch

Yes, many castles I have built of sand
With shells and wood, the gifts the waves have thrown,
Each strong and fast against the sea at hand
But in the night the sea reclaims its own.
And many castles have been built of stone
With mighty walls, by knowledge wrought to stand,
Where torches guard against the night unknown,
As tides of troubled darkness flood the land.
From sand to stone what progress has been gained
Against the ebb and flow, the rise and fall?
And in their ruin what trace has remained
Of futile efforts from the dark to flee?
And does it matter when the tide takes all?
What matters is that we still fight the sea.


Glen Martin Fitch's picture

Glen Fitch is a 16th Century poet lost in the 21st Century. Born near Niagara Falls, educated in the Catskills, thirty years on the Monterey Bay he now lives in Palm Springs. Retail not academics has paid the bills. Someday he will finish Spenser's "The Fairie Queene."

Last updated August 23, 2011