by Glen Martin Fitch

They toddle.
It's a phase.
Each used to crawl.
They watch and try and
master how to climb.
A little more they'll learn
with every fall.
Soon each will run.
They'll speak in their own time.
They bite.
Get bitten.
It's a phase.
We pick one teacher to observe,
intrude, prevent.
Once Mouth was all and
minds are quick.
Complex emotions
words must represent.
The bitten need words too.
So much to say and then
to learn to listen
to what's said.
I'm full of feelings
I would wish away.
I bite.
But now I bite myself, instead.
Where are the arms
to hold me and appeal?
Use your words.
Speak out!
Say how you feel.”


Glen Martin Fitch's picture

Glen Fitch is a 16th Century poet lost in the 21st Century. Born near Niagara Falls, educated in the Catskills, thirty years on the Monterey Bay he now lives in Palm Springs. Retail not academics has paid the bills. Someday he will finish Spenser's "The Fairie Queene."

Last updated August 23, 2011