What's a Mystery?

by Graham Cunningham

What's a Mystery?

Why do key holes have no keys
Why do fairies have no tales
Can I dial the numbers please
Which is best, boys or girls
What’s a mystery?

If I had another Mum
Would I be another child
If I had another Dad
Where would my old daddy be
What’s a mystery?

Where do grown-ups put the child
That they say that they used to be
Where did my Mummy find my Dad
In the old days was I really
Just a little seed
When you die does it make you sad
What’s a mystery?

How many miles is far away
Why does daddy stop at lights
Doesn’t daddy know the way
What is left and is it right
What’s a mystery?

When we get to holidays
Will I be asleep
Is Blackpool in London or Japan
Is that baby lamb out there
The same as we had for tea
Why is everybody getting mad
What’s a mystery?

Why do grannies dress in lace
Why must children go to bed
Am I in the human race
Is my mind in my head
What’s a mystery?

Must you still do as you are told
Even if you cry
Why is everybody getting mad
If you pray to Heaven
can you do just what you like
Does He love you even if you’re bad
What’s a mystery?

Graham Cunningham is a writer, mainly of essays and articles but also of poems and songs.

Last updated November 21, 2021