Imagination Station Creation

by Gregory Snyder

I know this girl, with eyes as green as the leaves,
When it’s summer, I always wonder what kind of world she sees.
With her stare, a flip of her hair, she’s all she supposed to be.
If you get caught in her grasp, it’s hard to get back take it from me.

You see her & me, we have this history, It’s been up, down & all around.
And this ride isn’t over, I don’t know when this roller coaster will shut down.

But who am I to predict anything?
No one knows what tomorrow will bring.
Don’t we all live for the surprise?
And I know everything will turn out just fine.

You want to come inside, Take a ride?
On this Imagination Station Creation.
No one has a set destination.
Just learn to expand your mind.
Don’t deny that burning sensation.
No need to be overcome by frustration.
Dig deep in your heart and the answers you will find.

Her emotions show, her temper grows, wearing her heart on her sleeve.
Something I admire, with my soul on fire, I keep it all in until I bleed.
And if you get what you wanted, don’t sit there and shun it,
Don’t get what you want then leave.
Everybody knows, just the way things go, but that as wrong as wrong can be.

I hate to see her cry, I’d wipe the tears from hers eyes.
And do anything for her smile to come to,
It makes me sad, to see the girl with a million & one laughs down in a hole & blue.



Just someone who likes to dabble in writing lyrics and poetry. I've always considered it a hobby, and have never taken it all that seriously... I enjoy it though.

Last updated September 19, 2011