by Gregory Snyder

The desires I have for her are indescribable...
Lust – A craving, a primal instinct...
A thirst & hunger all of it’s own kind.
NO!! No, I am not fine.

A yearning taking over completely, consuming me deeply…
As I would like to be consumed in the depths of her.
To pen this indomitable urge will no way portray what it rightfully deserves.
NO!! No, more words.

We met with the fury & force of a raging hurricane... but we feel no pain.
Down her side dance my fingertips... As I kiss her mouth & caress her lips.
Making my way inevitably inside... Ecstasy neither her nor I can hide.
Thrusting hips... Night blue colored nails draw blood as she rips...
A Trail of fire in my skin as she came – She feels no pain… I feel no pain.

Just someone who likes to dabble in writing lyrics and poetry. I've always considered it a hobby, and have never taken it all that seriously... I enjoy it though.

Last updated October 11, 2011