One day I was born, one day I will die
The unstable time and days pass by
This world is the best
I'm just a simple guest
Trying to know more and more
That no one ever knew before
I am a very busy man
Always thinking of some new plan
To alter the features of nature
To make slave every creature
I just want to make life better
Sometimes my attempts turn bitter
Well, I'm not always bad
And for that the world seems glad
But trying to be good is tough
Because this world makes life rough
I am a man who will live on
Until my thirst and hunger's gone
I am a man who will live on...


I am Harshitha Sri. I am 18 years. I am doing my 2nd mbbs. I've been writing songs and poems since I was 12. I love to put my feelings into words... It gives me joy and peace. I've written poems like "Man", "One mistake", "End of time" etc..

Last updated November 03, 2013