Childhood Memory

by Hawo Ali

Childhood Memory Poem
I remember some guys.
What guys?
Guys whose faces were masks.
They broke into the house.
What house?
Our house.
They had guns.
What guns?
Machine guns.
I remember no one moved.
“Lacag, Lacag iyo dahab”.
“Money, money and gold”.
I remember them saying.
What money and gold?
Our money and gold.
I remember my mother.
As she wandered around the house.
You remember that?
I remember shooting.
Mother screamed.
“Don’t kill my son, don’t kill him”.
Seeing the blood pour from my brother.
She passed out.
You remember that?
I remember the killers living.
And smiling.
I remember one naked face.

Hawo Ali

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Last updated May 06, 2011