King Agog's Bed

by Hervey Allen

Hervey Allen

Lucky were the giants in the land of Og;
Lucky was the king of them, King Agog:
He had a bed
Whereupon to lay his sleepy head,
A bed where slumber throve.
Three cubits was the width,
And nine the length thereof.
Four posts there were,
Two cedar trees at either end,
To hold the royal giant up, and fair
Were the golden cupidons
That held the canopy above his head,
Looking four ways across the bed,
All carved like chessmen's pawns.

There was a cover stuffed
With ring-dove's feathers,
And a pillow ruffed,
Wherewith to keep him warm
From winter weathers,
And a whale-tooth charm.

God knows, it was a mighty bed!
Right well upthrust upon its posts,
A royal cedar couch fit for the leader
Of the heathen hosts.
Thereon this king of giants laid his head,
And laid his giant bride when she was wed,
And laid his huge bodie when he was dead.

Last updated January 14, 2019