A Way To The Destiny

What is it that supposed to be?
On the way, toward the dream.
Reckon it must be a realm
Of unduly hopes--for that,are we?

After every stride with a will,
Taking on...to prise and ace;
With sheer sense to face
And dare to the advent of thrill.

Whether it's going uphill or
Dropping off in a stint;
Every head trip makes a distinct,
But an unexpected way to go for.

As they say- find a new path and leave a trail behind.
If can not, follow the path and make a wonder for someone to find....

Hithyshi H Kumar's picture

An accomplished post-graduate student in the field of Genetics. An amateur singer in Carnatic music, as well a keyboardist. Recently, favored a pursuit in poetry.

Last updated November 12, 2014