Hold on to yourself

We all have good,
We suppress it all,
Feeling 'it's all so simple',
'It may bring only fall'.

It comes out leaking,
B'cause it's all so natural,
We try to hid it always,
B'cause it seems so ethical.

We ride too fast,
To act like a star,
We don't trust our feet,
And run behind a car.

Ain't it creepy?,
To behave like a clown,
To seem so cool,
And put our self down?,

The thoughts are all good,
And the soul so pure,
Tear out all masks,
See how much you endure.

The time is coming,
To test your metal,
Let the wheel go with it's pace,
Hold on to your pedal.

Mohammad Shahnawaz

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Mohammad Shahnawaz i am., I love expressing my views and visions in poetry or verses whichever form suits me at the moment. It may be rhythmic or a verse or any form which helps me to express myself. God's grace.

Last updated July 03, 2015