Melody of rain

by Ilire Zajmi

You are late darling
Melody of rain seduces me outside
To get out and dance as mermaid
There’s nothing to be afraid I won’t get cold
warmed on the fire of love.

You said won’t be late tonight
I can’t sleep
This bed is too big for one person
Somewhere far away dogs are yapping
silence in the grey room
children sleep like two angels
awaken princess still waiting you.

You are late darling
Melody of rain seduces me.

You are late...

Ilire Zajmi

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Ilire Zajmi, writer from Prishtina, Kosovo. Ilire writes poems, and prose. Author of seven books., Three poem collections, two published in Albanian language, one published in Portugal, in English language. Author of one novel, and a publicistic book "Un treno per Blace" published in Italian language, 1999 in Italy. "Television pictures and reality" study book, published by Saga publishing house, Kosovo.

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