When you are way

by Ilire Zajmi

When you are away a half of me is not here,
and I don't know what to do with my other half
I con her with some words of lullaby
that you will come back soon with a hug,
you will come back to get warm by your fire
you, my dear Knight.
When you are away,
I don't know what to do with myself.
I spend my time
of waiting.
I transform myself in an eye and ear:
for a bell to ring, for a new message on msn,
a love messenger from you.
When you are away
your scent around the house makes me shiver.
I start imagine the minute when you'll come
I try to make the world little,
so little that will not have any distance,
and I can kiss you with much longing ,
when you'll come back in my bosom.
When you are away,
I hate the distance
I challenge the wait.

Ilire Zajmi

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Ilire Zajmi, writer from Prishtina, Kosovo. Ilire writes poems, and prose. Author of seven books., Three poem collections, two published in Albanian language, one published in Portugal, in English language. Author of one novel, and a publicistic book "Un treno per Blace" published in Italian language, 1999 in Italy. "Television pictures and reality" study book, published by Saga publishing house, Kosovo.

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