A woman

Who is a woman, I ask,
Is she the one, in eyes of the world just a mask?
Quivers my heart as I wake up each day,
Only to find out she's betrayed just like yesterday.

People do care, Yes some do.
But the voice needs to be much louder;
Much louder than the sound of the Niagara;
And let the voice echo and not squander;
For one day the voice will ease her pain.
Who is a woman, I ask again!!

'W'ith hard-work and patience, her aims she conquers,
'O'thers complaint whilst she makes the impossible
'M'erit is what she never quests for,
'A'lacrity is what she's known for!!!
'N'othing else she yearns for is but "Respect";
Respect A Woman, Coz She is the smile of
your life if you retrospect :)
By Jayana Shah.


I live my life as creative as possible

Last updated August 29, 2013