Pretty Woman

Battered legs printed through her lace stockings,
She walked head held HIGH,
Imprisoned her emotions to Suffer in silence

A barrage of scars covered her face but she kept on walking head held HIGH,
Pretty woman,Brown skinned and Elegant
Such harsh treatment was irrelevant

"Someone tell her that she is blinded by ignorance and disbelief that love can't be violent!"
Her eyes Beaten Shut,
Her fiery flesh torn with scars of the past
"can't she tell its enough!"
The only man she has known since her father left now in piteous Pain she must repay her debts

Screams echoed through the walls of the home such betrayal is savage
Yes she Made a Vow she thought she'd never regret

Burns on her palm,Blood on the floor where he left her
She kneels, praying for love
Good men always rejected her
So if he comes back with kisses and chocolate she'll smile
Trust the walls with her secret and tell her neighbors a lie

Soon after his words and actions contradicted
She made up her mind "says I don't deserve this."
Picks up her bag and head out the door
He lounges with anger
That pretty brown skinned woman is No More
Found the strength in the end
but courage was destroyed by a coward

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Take life as it Comes

Last updated July 06, 2015