Goodbye My Friend

by Jeanine Canaris

Jeanine Canaris

Don't tell me why
don't tell me your my friend.
cause a friend wouldn't act
with such tact
and i wouldn't do
what u put me through.

so play your game
with another card
I'm not in the deck
I've been broken hard

keep in mind
they'll come a day
when you'll think
and wanna say
I'm sorry

I'll be gone
it'll be to late
and thus our friendship
will have sealed its fate.

Jeanine Canaris

Jeanine (Gina) Canaris was born on the east coast, in Pennsylvania. She moved to the west coast in California. She has written several poems, as well as songs, evident in her lyrical poetry. The poet writes about peace, love, and things that we all go through in this world of ours.

Last updated April 02, 2015