If You Knew How I Felt

by Jeanine Canaris

Jeanine Canaris

If you knew how i felt
would you feel it too
...if you knew how i felt...
what would you do?

would you sail across the longest ocean
or swim across the largest sea
just to be together
just to break free.

If you knew how i felt
would things be the same
I know in the past
I played the runaway game

I'd promise you
that i would never stray
if i could only hear the words
i'm waiting for you to say

I know it's been awhile
and time can only tell
but without you
i'm living my own hell

I remember something that you once said
for the right person, you'd go local
the only problem was I wasn't vocal

I didn't say
everything that i should
i didn't follow my heart
now i only wish
that we hadn't part

that we hadn't went our separate ways
that i hadn't run
because without you
I'm the lonely one

Jeanine Canaris

Jeanine (Gina) Canaris was born on the east coast, in Pennsylvania. She moved to the west coast in California. She has written several poems, as well as songs, evident in her lyrical poetry. The poet writes about peace, love, and things that we all go through in this world of ours.

Last updated April 02, 2015