Dream in the Garden

by Jeff Friedman

Jeff Friedman

Satan came to him in a dream. He handed him a large shiny apple. “Take a bite, and you’ll know everything.” “I’m not Adam,” he answered. “You’ve got the wrong dream.” He threw the apple into the next garden, but as soon as it left his hand another apple appeared, just as red and shiny. “We’re in the garden,” Satan said. “There’s the tree of knowledge, and there’s a woman with lovely breasts following you, calling you Adam. I think I have the right dream.” “I’m not the only guy,” he replied, “with a naked woman with lovely breasts in his dreams. And we’re not in a garden. We’re in a dream of a garden.” “This is my dream,” Satan said. Now the woman held the apple, and she was hungry. Though the man ordered her to drop the apple, she ate in vigorously and tossed the core into the bush. “Delicious,” she said, “I’ll have another.”

2023, Ashes in Paradise, MadHat Press

Last updated January 29, 2024