In Dreams You Live

In Dreams, I find my solace dwells
Embracing my heart with ethereal desire,
For moments in time that warmly tells
Of my life’s labours lost & ambitions seared in time’s fire;

Somehow, I seek to touch the hand
Of He who knows me so well’
And be guided back to His Promised Land’
Traveling upon truth’s river, as love’s wind propels my sail;

Yet, the truth I sought when I was young
In every fragrant flower,
Denies the reality from which you have sprung
How brazenly it bleeds from my soul all power

For now I know just how far I fell
When last I loved your wild heart
With passionate ecstasy, my sweet agony would tell,
Of a somber young lad who is allowed to depart
From the loneliness of his lifelong shell;

The mirror cracked & all I see
Are the squandered days now cold & blue
Dreams deferred are now withered desires anew
Perchance penance will spare separating thee

Or me from what your promise shall give
Yet, all that is left is In Dreams I know–Somehow You Live

Copyright J. Massey 2010
Oct 2, 2010

J. Massey

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author who also writes under the pseudonym of “Poor Richard’s Son.” He is a native of Chicago & Viet Nam Era U.S. Air Force veteran. Massey, a graduate of Wright State University, is the author of the cross-genre, Sci-Fi speculative fiction novella “COLD BABY: As If Through A Glass and Darkly” written in the tradition of Raymond Chandler & Dashiell. Hammett’s Noir-driven, Hard-Boiled “Black Mask” writers. A playwright who has authored the contemporary work “The Return of the Prodigal Child.”

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