In Over My Head

Why did they do that; I can’t tell
Blows so fast I was down before I fell,
Friends & Lovers all said they were true
But when loyalty came to collect, no payment was due

Cause those who had my back were far & few.
As it all hit the fan, it was then that I knew
I couldn’t love me cause I gave it all to you.

So I stared at that crater where there was once my heart
Brimmed with the bitter thorns left behind by promising false starts
Trimmed with sparkling tears as my hope departs,

Rimmed by golden angelic halo’s
Foretelling a future good and true
Skimmed off the top of a fantasy love affair,
My betrayed hope turned blue,

Choking, gasping & grasping
For sight of the oasis promised in this desert;
I remain marooned, touching so sad a life,
Holding onto the promise that was you.

So why Did they do that?
I will never know
Cause the blows came so fast
I was still too busy giving myself credit
For escaping my fate to reap what it was I sowed.

So now I face my fate
As I collect my gate
For the show which became my life of late
As I get exactly who I paid for in hate.

Swimming with the Sisters of sin,
Heartache & Strife.

Jeffery Massey

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author who also writes under the pseudonym of “Poor Richard’s Son.” He is a native of Chicago & Viet Nam Era U.S. Air Force veteran. Massey, a graduate of Wright State University, is the author of the cross-genre, Sci-Fi speculative fiction novella “COLD BABY: As If Through A Glass and Darkly” written in the tradition of Raymond Chandler & Dashiell. Hammett’s Noir-driven, Hard-Boiled “Black Mask” writers. A playwright who has authored the contemporary work “The Return of the Prodigal Child.”

Last updated September 21, 2011