Facing Her Majesty

by Jeffrey T. Bender

Greetings, m'lady,
Fare thee well this day?
Forgive me, my Queen,
for not introducing I who speak.
I am but a humble denizen,
Of the realm upon walks our feet.
I come to kneel before thy beauty
And commit an action uncommon,
Nay, unlawful, from a peasant to a Queen.
And if m'lady be truly caring,
She'll utter nary a word
To the guard near yonder door.
Upon no utterance I pray thee grant
This lowly servant, I, this one request.
I kneel before thine loving grace,
And, in all honesty, seek to place
A kiss upon fair maiden's hand.
Thou art the maiden.
And after said kiss will I stand,
To look into thine magickal eyes,
And lose myself within thee.
Upon the regaining of spinning head,
And thumping heart within my chest,
Shall I flourish a bow,
And leave, stunned,
By distant door through whence I came.
All thereafter will I be praying,
That committed kiss will not have fallen,
On numb, or cold, or stiffened fingers.
For to kiss one who ignores the moment,
Will be a kiss, thus magick, wasted.
Such love would better suited be
For those whose hearts no longer beat.
I hope instead
To change in some way
The way thee thinks of me.

Fountain, Colorado

I was born in 1986 in Mtn. Home, Idaho. I began writing poems at the age of 15, my freshman year of high school, in 2001, with the poem 'Mind Decay'. Mind Decay is a 14 line Shakespearean style sonnet about the capabilities of one mind to alter the world. Some of my poems are love based, but many others are based around grand themes such as revolution, or space exploration, or alternate realities. Much of my poetry is fiction with an underlying message of reality tucked in.

Last updated September 08, 2011