by Jim Duriga

                            Charlie  was a  hippie,  drafted  into  the  war - Sandra was a Viet Nam nurse,  patching  limbs  and keeping  score. Milhous  was  in the White House,  spying  on everyone - Alex was  a  Green Beret, trained in subversion,  knife,  and  gun.
Suzie  was a  ‘Nam war  bride,  raped  at  fifteen  years  old -  The  fetus  was  aborted  in  Saigon, in a story  never  told. Rush avoided  all  the  hassle,  by  hiding out and  lying low -  ‘Nam was  probably  the sort of place he  didn't really  want  to  go.
Charlie  came  home  with half an arm, and without  his  whole  left leg -                            Sandra overdosed  in ‘71,  and  left a  son named Greg .- Milhous  managed  to survive  the  war, but  was  caught  in‘Watergate.? Alex  won't even  talk  about  ‘Nam:- There  was  too  much  blood and hate.
Suzie  wound up  being a  prostitute, working on  the  street - It aged her some  before  her time  and made  her less  discreet. Rush  went  on  to  be well known,  a conservative  talk  show  host - With  all his flag  waving  rhetoric,  he's  now  heard  coast  to  coast.
Jim Duriga

Jim Duriga’s poetry and articles have appeared in many collections and magazines over the years, including Army In Europe magazine, Atlantis Magazine, the Of Thee I Sing poetry anthology, the Poetry-Coast To Coast Anthology, and others. In addition, his ‘crudely drawn but highly philosophical’ Leroy cartoons have appeared in a variety of college and other newspapers and magazines over the last 40 years. His own books include poetry collections, cartoon collections, books about Kern County, California, writing about The Monkees, books about Star Trek, and an ‘Alternate Universe’ book about George, Armstrong Custer. They also include a Man from UNCLE book, T.V. Trivia books, and TV parody books. For several years in the mid-90s, Jim edited a nationwide Commodore Amiga Newsletter called AMIGAMERICA., Jim Holds a BA in English from Mount Union College (Alliance, Ohio), a MA degree in English from California State University (Bakersfield, California), and an honorary PhD in Religion. In addition to being an Army Vietnam-era veteran, Jim is an ordained minister, who doesn’t preach., While his work has been published by a variety of venues, he also owns and operates Seneca-Secor Books, a regional press in Bakersfield California. Seneca has made a continuing effort to publish books by new authors and little-known authors. The firm has also released several poetry and Sci-Fi anthologies in an effort to help authors gain exposure. The proceeds from several Seneca-Secor books (including Trekkies, Trekkers, and Red Shirts and, No Graceful Aging) are being donated various charities. Seneca-Secor maintains worldwide, distribution and a presence on the Internet through such sites as, Barnes And, and Jim’s books can be found and purchased the world over.

Last updated June 21, 2015