Barbie Attempts to Gain Control of the Algorithmic State

by Joanna Fuhrman

Joanna Fuhrman

She was lucky that her fingers were small enough to fit into the microprocessor and pull out a rubber chicken. Raggedy Ann watched with envy. She’d been standing on the edge of the digital highway for 41 days and 42 nights and no one seemed to notice. Everyone was born knowing love is unfair, but the unfairness of rubber chickens surprised her. She felt angry at the future’s reflection in her button eyes and tried to express it by adding extra chunks to the cookies. Barbie didn’t catch the innuendo. The daytime moon followed her as she danced around her fuchsia bedroom. The microprocessor in her heels autotuned the birdsong. Her vintage Google glasses tinted the view of the dying hydrangea. Outside, a tidal wave of strangers tried to remake the narrative. They praised the way social media keeps you from obsessing on a single other. They formed a circle around a circle around a home where nothing used to be. “Blank doesn’t mean nothing” read the words on the teeth of a god.

Last updated November 24, 2022