Modern Love

by John Yau

John Yau

The clouds continued swelling like poisoned fish
While the boy listened carefully to the story
That was being invented by the girl
Who, like him, had been abandoned in the city.
They were, she whispered, itchy to avoid the forest
And reach the little red motel by the stream.

However, when she came to the edge of the stream,
She began trembling like a fish.
She was going to have to enter the forest,
After all, and hear the birds laughing at her recital of a
"Tve become as soft and defenseless as a drug infested city.
I might as well eat rags and dust," muttered the girl.

Suddenly, the boy was scared of the girl,
And wondered how to cover the stream
Of invectives she was leaving all over their city
Owned apartment: "Perhaps, ifI steal a fish,
Pick some flowers, and beg you to finish the story,
You will remember how to lead us past the forest.

Remembering that no one had ever circumnavigated the forest
Before, she tried to pretend she was just another pretty but deranged
"Don't be afraid: if you happen to fall off the edge of my story,
Remember that paper is made from trees that have crashed into a

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