Size matters

by John T. Hope

Being the same in quantity, size, degree and value.
No matter how great or small the number.
Having the same status, we are the same as ones opposite.
The harmony of this design is a pleasing consistent whole.
Correct in ones judgment and opportunities when contributing to the community.
Uniformed in application and affects without discrimination on any grounds.
Stability of one's mind and feelings!
Balanced in thought concerned only with moral values.
Natural Law is seen to be true and fair, justice will be done.
The first person or thing having the highest status in a group!
All things being the same provided that other factors or circumstances remain, evenly or fairly balanced.
Equal is a formulated equation like no other.
It sits in relation with equality.
The sexes stand shoulder to shoulder.
Religious groups would understand they’re no better than the others.
Colors true reflection is seen in the dimmest of lights.
Politicians would find solutions to problems of the world without a fight and the environment would not be worse off with our presence.


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In June 2013 my first book is being released by Chipmunka publishers called, ‘OMNIS’. I’m a London based author, under the name John T. Hope., This is a fact, based autobiography about a carpenter, psychology, Politics, religious/ spiritual, and general philosophy., Ones Mind Created Its-Self And The Universe Around It!, This book ‘Omnis’ looks into the life of an ordinary man. Who happened to be born into believing in the Christian capitalist ideals! 15years after first being diagnosed with manic depression financial stress from 2008 economic changes caused a relapse to his mental health. But now he’s diagnose a philosopher with Bipolar or a personality disorder. Disillusioned by the monetary system, religious, Government propaganda and what seem like consonant so-called bad luck, coincidence or could it be chance other wise known as the Laws of Probability! One morning he decides to write when he’s not known for reading or writing. His writing is the start of a journey of learning, discovery and he becomes aware of his-inner most spiritual being in a battle of the mind in order to survive., Biography, Originally from Manchester he started his working life on a Government training scheme as a trainee chef. After a few years in the catering industry he becomes a father at a young age before being trained as a carpenter. Only to face unemployment after training just to take up selling class ‘A’ drugs. The death of a friend in gang warfare causes the trigger of a mental health condition Manic Depression, revealing a sensitive side to one’s persona. Soon after recovering from his condition a 3yrs 6 months prison sentences made him search for peace of mind upon his release. Now living in London only to find conmen, crooks and unemployment within his profession when he’s trying go straight. The stress of everyday life has caused him to have a relapse but now he’s called a philosopher with Bipolar added to a personality disorder. Since one can no longer work in our current environment, ones message is about humanitarian values towards conscious awareness (mentally ill) and society in general.

Last updated March 28, 2013