A Sonnet

by Julie Delvaux

There'll come a day when things remain the same.
The mirror will return a yesterday's reflection,
And gazing will you stand, and nothing but your name
Hints at familiar life. Your every aspiration,

Your every hope will sink into the dust of time
Where dunes of senseless dreams conspire to engulf you.
Along the sea of Chance, in all majestic prime,
The train of thought will drive towards the past. And a few

Forgotten milestones will mark a life that lagged,
Set hastily between the poetry and prose.
If our world's the stage, you've been your own Bard.
And now to ashes comes that which from ashes rose.

So turn your back on all of yesteryear's success,
And let your spirit be your singular recess.

April 2015

Julia Shuvalova

Julie Delvaux's picture

Julie Delvaux is an award-winning author and translator. Her previous work included publications of prose, poetry and translations of both famous writers and children’s books. After many years of living in the UK she now resides in Moscow, Russia where she teaches English and History, produces copious translations and relaxes with the knitting, surrounded by her pets. Her collection of philosophical essays on a common topic of solitude, Exercises in Loneliness, is available at online stores.

Last updated May 02, 2015