Twas prior to dawn’s first light, bleary,
In dream I wandered, meek and leery -
Under few, though faint and furious footnotes from an extant score.
As I stood here scarcely dreaming,
Slowly starts a silent streaming -
Mimicking a quiet screaming - elucidating dreams of yore,
All of this, yet so much more.

So succinctly I’d forgotten,
It was in November rotten -
Not one living member wrought it’s face beneath the thorn.
Patiently I sought the morn,
Meekly seeking and forlorn -
From libraries surcease of hollow - dreams a famous Raven tore…
I long in dreams forever more.

And concrete whistle, ascertaining,
Quelled me - held me, from glimpse of gaining
So that still my rapid breathing - echoing and then seething,
‘Tis some stranger lurking near my bathroom floor.
Stark and raped, rapture entreating - scarcely I survived the beating,
Still footsteps creeping toward the door…
That it was, and so much more.

Henceforth my faith grew ever weaker,
Hesitant, yet still the seeker -
Demon! I cried, Bastard! Whore! Hoping Satan finds your door.
But the truth is, here you’ve taken
Something pure - be not mistaken,
I will NOT rest as the forsaken victim with a broken core!
You shall be hunted, evermore.

Fueled with ammunition burning,
Victim into huntress turning
Hurt, yet with fury’s fire haunted armoring and undaunted,
Found your cave and set my trap there against that distant shore.
Tempest, witch, avenger, maven,
Slain you left last vision - RAVEN -
Perpetrator and the villain reign has ended, “NEVERMORE!”

Inspired by Poe's "The Raven"

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I am a poet - I speak, dream and live poetry. My poetry website is katroessler.wordpress.com

Last updated June 24, 2011