On a cloudy day with a moody smile,

All I need is a glowing sun to make,

I feel a while;

A sun kissed

A sun touched

A sun felt

A sun loved

What a sun to behold!!

Even the great Apollo haven’t encountered

Such so you are worth been called a goddess

What a blessing in disguise what a beauty to adore

Even goddess Venus would be astounded by it

The blaster of Solomon’s wives

Will fall at your feet for thy beauty is like no other

No lingering of skin hairs for

Your beauty will hack but won’t crack for brace is too stack to wrack

For the sun is my hope not to long for.

All this I saw


kelvin Aliche

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good listener;slow to anger;sensitive to nature;sensitive to life;understanding;lover;and a writer. writing is what i love it's my calling so i have to answer.

Last updated August 02, 2015