The Allegory of Spring

by Kenneth Koch

Kenneth Koch

The blossoming cherry trees were quarreling. She thought this when
she was htty yards away and when she was closer, right in amongst
them, she imagined she heard them. One tree said to another: I am
prettier than you. And the other said: It is impossible for you to see
yourself. But I see you. And I tell you you're wrong. The first tree disputed
the illogic of this remark. And so on. She went on walking, and
when she came out of the cherry grove, she had been through a lot. She
hated quarreling. Dietrich was standing by his boat. Come, can you go
out with me? he said. I don't want to quarrel, she said. He didn't
understand. Well, will you or not? he said. Yes, she said. Then she
said, No.


Last updated February 11, 2023