Auld Lang Sine

by Ken W Simpson

Complacent faces
of belladonna beauties
plumaged archetypes
vapidly artificial
carved from mahogany
aloof and cold
layered with conceit
but socially involved
in animated
cocktail conversations
at reunions
for gruff old boys
and their wives
exiles from childhood
formally forthright
slightly tipsy
with glasses to enjoy
instead of toys
with relics from the past
hardly recognisable
as students
programmed and classified
seated in rows
in classrooms
at old wooden desks
to be traditionally taught
how to play the game
as proud members
of the old boys' brigade.

Ken W Simpson

kenneth Walter Simpson's picture

I am an Australian poet specialising in free verse., A number of my collections are available online at Amazon and elsewhere.

Last updated February 19, 2014