when it hurts

When it hurts, and the whole earth shakes.
Crashing down, feeling loves first mistake.
Wanting it back, wishing it all was there.
The love that you had, that ended so unfair.
But whats easy to remember is mistakes we made.
The heartbreak we felt and the love that we saved.
For what was true we believed,
but what we found was decieved.
Sad ending a hole in your heart.
Little did you know of what was to start.
Im breaking in and seeing how deep.
Is there any left how much love do you leak?
I'll fill the hole. I have the parts.
What kills the soul what breaks the heart.
Is believing something the other did not.
Is needing something the other hasnt got.
Is chasing the other in the direction they lead.
Is misplacing the other while they would leave.
But so broken it is not left to sit.
Whats better than the best can always be fixed.
To mean something to you no one else has.
Is all I want is all I ask.

kevin wayne jones

i am a 17 year old trying to find my way into the literature world.

Last updated February 11, 2013