The Broken Heart

I loved you so much,
So close we were,
To each other,
Never even batted an eyelid,
Whenever you came in front of me,
I ran into your arms, gladly.

All my sorrows i used to forget,
You used to bring a new day,
A new moment in my life, so dull,
The wotld used to cull,
All my desires and motives,
I don't understand why so much pain it gives.

But you were with me, never mind,
With you, i got the courage,
To face all the obstacles,
That used to thrill,
And suck the fun out of my life,
Problems used to pile up on a steep hill.

I almost gave my heart to you,
You became my priority,
This led to insanity;
In love for you.
We became inseparable,
It seemed as if bringing us together was God's will.

But one day, you broke my trust,
I had promised you that the world wouldn't end,
Whenever you were with me,
I used to feel so happy.
But, it was too late to apaologize,
For your mistake,
You took my love for granted,
Thought that my heart,
Was a piece of glass,
That you could break easily,
When you get fumed suddenly.

In anger, you said that,
You had pity on me,
Fell in love with me for the sake of it,
Because I had no one besides me to walk with.
There was a heated argument between us,
After which I boarded the yellow bus.

I began to sob endlessly,
And thought I was happier,
Without a companion in my life,
But ther was no one to wipe my tear.
You blurted out the truth after I kept asking you,
The reason why your project was not approved.

You left me all alone,
And didn't even look back,
To see whether everything was fine,
How could I say that you were mine?
I sat there, with a broken heart,
Seeing my life get shattered into parts...

Mumbai, India

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I love writing poetries and articles. I have made writing as a passion. I want to become a journalist in future. Some of my articles have got published in the Inbox section of Hindustan Times. I am looking forward to publishing my poetries and articles.

Last updated January 18, 2014