The evening

Darkness is increasing,
The view is horrifying,
Not even a single ray of light,
In the dark, drowsy night.

Then, I turn my back,
To go towards my room,
And then,
I hear the bags fall,
And the dogs howl,
Seemed too scary,
In the night so dreary.

I could hear,
The sound coming near,
Towards the window,
But, before I could go,
Lightning struck the sky,
And, Oh My!
The building opposite my house got burnt,
And many were hurt.

Press release took place,
Reporters all over the place,
The howling to me,
Was a bad sign,
And that happened at night 9.

So many corpses,
Were carried to the crematorium,
This made the rest,
Of the lives very dim.

It seemed as if it was,
A game played by God,
A game where mankind,
Before thinking,
In his mind anything,
Was called by Him,
And was helpless.

Mumbai, India

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I love writing poetries and articles. I have made writing as a passion. I want to become a journalist in future. Some of my articles have got published in the Inbox section of Hindustan Times. I am looking forward to publishing my poetries and articles.

Last updated February 22, 2014