Surrounded by Silence

No sign of hope and fortune,
chased by darkness and hopelessness,
I try to find my path,
But, fail to do so
and onice again reach the same point.

Everyday the sun shines bright,
But, none brings my morning.
Waiting for the light to win,
I take many steps of no use.

They say it's for a short term
and I have to be firm.
But the term isn't short.

Fed up of these,
I want to go to a long sleep
With no thoughts in my mind,
No desires on my life,
No feelings for anyone,
And attain the eternal happiness,
Light and fortune,
In a world free from vengeance,
Free from enviousness,
Free from resentment
And free from the painful silence....

pragya rai

I am a girl from an Indian origin who has a lot of expectations from life... writing is my hobby... I am btech student thus, it's a bit difficult for me to spend much time on my hobby... still I manage to do it whenever I get some spare time....

Last updated August 20, 2016