A Cry Out to God

Oh God! Please listen to me!
My body is tired, my mind is gone!
My faith is withering away;
I can’t understand the Bible anymore.
The devil’s in my ear telling me to kill my neighbor,
Black crows rest and converse with me on my lawn.

God you’re still listening?!
Look, I need your help.
I stopped praying six months ago.
My job is gone, my wife left me,
And my house is soon to be foreclosed!

My life is crumbling away like a house infested with termites.
When I go to the beach, the shore runs away from me.
The sand sets my feet on fire!
Oh Lord listen to me!

My problems don’t end there,
You see, last night I contemplated suicide.
I put rat poison in my own food;
Just couldn’t bring myself to eat it.

Wait- what Lord?
Why don’t you sound mat at me?
Why are you talking to me so calmly?
Oh Lord, I love you!

I thought that I would be such a disgrace to you,
That you would no longer claim me as your son!
What did I do wrong Lord? Why is my life such a miserable wreck?
What? What do you mean I forgot the most important part?
What is it?

What do you mean because I stopped praying my life took a turn to hell?
Oh, I see. I should have not stopped praying.
But Lord, times were getting so tough, that I thought you weren’t listening-
So I stopped.

What? But what do you mean?
You were working with me?
A test to see how strong I was?

Oh my God, please don’t tell me I failed!
Please Lord just give me another chance;
I promise I won’t let you down!

Then God said,
“My son, you didn’t fail.
You see, your life was at its very end,
You knew you couldn’t carry on by yourself.
You came to me during you darkest time
In your spiritual journey.
My son, you passed.”

Then the man woke up,
And his wife was smiling as bright as the sun-
And said
“Let’s pray together.”

August 2011

Shanicqua Tomlinson's picture

I am a 21 year mommy to be who is married to my wonderful husband. I have been writing poetry since I was a young girl. Writing poetry is a gift from God that was passed down 4 generations. It started with my great-grandmother, then is was passed down to my grandmother, then it was passed down to my mom; and now it has been passed down to me. I had my first poem published when I was a senior in high school. That was the first time I ever presented a poem outside of my family and close friends. Since that moment, I knew that my poetry can and will take me far in life. I absolutely love to write poetry; and now I am writing monologues as well. I appreciate poetry for what it has to offer and how it makes me feel. I am using my hidden gift to touch lives around the world by publishing my work.

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