God's Legion

by Marie Tello Phillips

Marie Tello Phillips

From out the ranks of human souls,
God chooses for his Legion—
From those that He has put on earth
To serve Him in this region.
So they are tried; but by His grace
Come reborn from the mire,
Formed anew to do His Work—
Steel-tempered by the fire.

For what knows he of human woe,
Who never suffered aught?
How can he lend sympathy
Who does not know the lot
Of those on whom great burdens weigh
That bear them to the Earth,
While others waste their time pursuing
Phantom joy or mirth?

But God has chosen helpers here,
To comfort those who need
A helping hand, a word of love,
Or kindly deed, to lead
Them on, when, blinded by their tears,
They cannot see the Way.
They, too, will join His Legion, when
His Light illumes their day.

Last updated November 04, 2022