Black College Student

Life as a college student portrayed by a black man. Judge by skin tone down to the texture of a hair strand. 4 years of training just to win the war against the SATs just to invade a world infested with STDs. This new world titled a university. Only my second year here while the school celebrates its 150th anniversary. The school lives on and will continue to once I'm gone. After 4 years my presence will decease, so how do I get my story to live on. You usually don't think of a black man when you mention La Salle. But I refuse to be just another black spot on a white cow. Being killed slowly by the lenders of loans. Living in a society where swag and women come before school. So how can I keep up with society when a book cost as much as the new foams. Dare I go to a street stand and get the shoes clones. Dare I rock the imitation to raise my reputation and become a impersonation of a man of a higher tax bracket. How will I even get that money to stack it. Shall I u haul pack it, cocaine trap it, i think about this as I let septa immerse me in inner city traffic. If its not septa then it's the shuttle. What do I do now, i have to study but the girl riding with me just told me to come over and cuddle. Should I let my common sense, my moms teachings turn to rumble. And sneak to her room ever so suddle. Or should I fight the strong temptation. Let my degree be my inspiration. Why ...Why is my mind racing. The choice should be easy, study now later cuddle. I shouldn't have to think no deeper then a puddle. The secret to college is having balance which doesn't happen to be one of my talents. But this isn't a surprise, I'm just abiding by the standards of how I have already been categorized. That's why I must stand up and show you I am more. How many times I have been hurt. New inspiration come from each sore. You will not only view me as student but as a man. I will use my words to raise me up so you can see how tall I stand. I will put out my hand to help bring family and friends up with me. Only those who are a close companion. The slick ones will slip from my grip and fall deep within my minds grand canyon. I came to school to expand my mind so to higher education I must climb. So i can mirror my meaning through symbolism and let you understand every mechanism of my brain. I could be noted as sane to the insane. And insane to the plain Jane, average joe. As a young seed they planted me in the street, and left me there to let me grow. So I grew now LA Salle can help me bloom. I promise to leave my mark in this world starting with the memory of every mind in this room.

Leroy West

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Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA., Age 20, Accountant Major at La Salle University

Last updated March 05, 2013