We Should Not Let Munich Slip Away

by Liam Rector

There was rain which soon turned
To snow and no place we had in mind
We wanted to go so we stayed in bed

And made love all afternoon…
As the lamps lit the street
We got up from each other

Because there was money to be made
Because we did not grow our own food,
Because someone else owned that place;

So we got dressed for the club where
We went to play the music, where the people
From the offices spilled in from their day,

And you said we should go to Munich soon,
That we should not let Munich slip away—
That the work, the money was better there,

That things were not getting better for us here,
And that you had some money, some money
You’d not told me about—money squirreled away.

All my life it’s been a question:
Whether to go or to stay.
I woke up violent with fear one morning,

I woke up violent with hope one morning,
I picked up this horn one morning,
And it played me until I was away.

Last updated December 02, 2022