What Hell Looks Like

I hear screams every night
Listen here lady, a mothers son dies everyday
Just go on back in bed and pray he's in a better place
I hear moans every night
Bills gotta be paid, so legs gotta be spreaded, mouths gotta be open
My lil sister was once my little sister till daddy's drugs became potent
Now we all alone, in the summer, with no fans, so the windows always remain open
I see fire every night
I hear it burns everything, even misery, pain
If you ever wished for a second, you ain't have a brain
Right here now would be the perfect place
so burn somethin
I hear cries every night
He don't get enough of her
His fists are in love with her, more than him
They pay more visits to her body, more than him
Kiss her lips, more than his
But she stays cuz she say, she's still waiting on him, well I'm still here momma
I heard that God, is all I got
Well, I'm still waitin on him, I've been patient for him
But my brother said God's too busy in the sky
And his feet don't ever touch the block
I overheard a couple talkin
The girl was 16 with her baby in her stomach
And the dude was lookin like he seen The devil in his wallet
She was lookin for God,
But deep down
knew she'd never find him
He said look,listen, all we can afford is this time and our choices
I imagined the kid, just listening
Like a kid raising their hand in a class for a teacher that never picked him
Life or death
He don't get to choose how he a victim
And I all I can do Is pray for him
Dear Lord
I heard sirens, just last night
As I looked outside, I asked you
Is this what hell looks like?
If it is... Well... I'm already ready for it.


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Everything that I write, whether it is through poetry or story telling, the stories I tell are all events and situations which I have lived. I write with the purpose of sharing my story, hoping that someone either listening or reading, will feel inspired. I also write to encourage other's to share their own stories, their words may also have the power to motivate and/or inspire. . People are my passion, life is my motivation, and true love is my reward.

Last updated April 18, 2015