When you least expect it he will show you his way,

Do you know what it is to be ashamed?
To your own family you’re a disgrace?
To keep a smile on your face?
To carry the burden and the pain?

To be so hurt its anger you gain?
The passion you once had went away?
When you start questioning your insanity?
When you beg God “Please let it be the end of me?”

The pain, and the lies are always in your mind?
All you do is lay down and cry?
Trying to find a way out of living your life?
Taken 36 pills feel your heart slow down and pray your heart isn’t beating?

God isn’t giving up on you so still breathing?
Mad with the world cause you couldn’t leave it?
God gave you a sign your still here for a fucking reason.

Liliana Hernandez

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I'm just a person who loves writing and reading poems which talks about others life experiences. I hope others love my work and find them inspirational.

Last updated January 16, 2014