i walked alone

I walked alone
(Prequel of when alone)
In dark nights
When no one in sight
I search for someone
Who can walk by side,

Unable to look around
I cry in pain
I close my eyes
Floating in emotional tide,

I feel myself as a small bird
Flying over the sea
With tired wings going up and down
Oh god!!! It hurts being left alone,

I remember my days
When with all my friends
I used to enjoy for whole night
Now when everyone gone
I feel myself as a small child
Who has no idea which way to go
I look around for someone again
Who can hold my hand
And help me to cross the lane

But unable to find anyone there again
I close my eyes
To look for, someone again
Then I think of my crush and feels she is there
Sitting beside me with hand in hand
I feel so happy and try to sleep
With my head on her lap,

Then suddenly I feel my alarm ringing
BOOM!!! And everything was gone
I open my eyes and find I was dreaming
Sun was shining all over my face
And again I walked alone…

Praveen parasar-19/08/10

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A very complex yet simple guy, for whom whole world is same, and beautiful and just to spread love. love to write as it gives a self satisfaction and medium to express myself. you may be my friend@ https://www.facebook.com/p.parasar, my world of friedship is always open for everyone.

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