Walking past the dimly lit streets,
A strange feeling grips my mind.
A feeling mixed.
A bit nostalgic , a bit left-out kind.
And there`s this question
Will my soul forever be the sole thing to own?
The bright lights at a distance mock
as if it saw some state of shock.
I`m left here with none to share words
Or lend an ear,
To the sorrows and fear.

Nevertheless ,
What followed ,is just a state of mind,
A fleeting thought,
From a mind distraught.
Life sometimes may look miserable,
And you may not be so lovable,
You may not be the `apple of the eye`,
But you got to take life as it comes ,and not deny
For no one fared well with the crowd together
but you kiss the stars standing alone forever.

Last updated March 10, 2011