A Ghost in the Shell

I resemble a familiar feeling
A ghost in the shell waiting for the walls to come crashing down
But like a waterfall, the beauty that falls ends up being the most destructive
And when I fell for you, it ended up being my self destruction
I defined myself to be by your side
Changing to accommodate your every aspect of life
I’m staring at this mirror and I can’t find my reflection
I want to be able to see myself again, but I have become a vampire
Sucking the life out of every woman I touch
How am I going to tell myself that it’s all going to be worth it?

I learned to live my entire life without you until you came onto the scene
And now it seems like the toughest thing to do
You made me into the monster I am today
My beauty that once captivated you is the ugliness that pushes you away
I am your Frankenstein and you are the angry mob that wants to kill me
Can you tell me how to get inside your head so I can erase me from your memories?
I don’t deserve your thoughts; I don’t deserve you even telling me off
But when you told me that you loved me, there was nothing you could have done
Because you’re immature you don’t know what it actually means to love
You only know that love exists because of the media,
Only God knows what he has in mind for us
And if love is something you can’t handle don’t go saying it like you mean it.
You dare to prove me wrong because you never knew how it meant to truly care
I once desired a love that was greater than the greater good
Your morality tore me apart and set you aside from the crowd
You were a star amongst the darkness
I hid myself from everyone in society, but you were the only one that was able to find me
The greatest hide and seek player I have ever known

I’m ready to know what love is
Because I felt like the closest thing I have ever felt was the reality I felt with you
Every moment felt like a picture that I wanted to frame
Wasn’t that something that you loved, wasn’t that something that mattered to you?
Because to me, my memories are a photo album of every moment I had with you
So if you want go into my brain and erase yourself from there. Good luck
You transformed me into this ghost, unable to move through these walls
Now I’m stuck in this prison because of what you made of me
How do you know its love when you can’t tell dream from reality
You were my escape from dreams
Reality didn’t feel so bad when you were around
And now the support that once held me is the structure that will keep me standing for a long time
I’m sorry I won’t let you down
I just won’t love you anymore

The Hopeless Romantic

I'm Talha Jafri, I always felt that my sole purpose in the world is to express the best way I possibly can. My poetry tries to evoke emotions from people who went through similar experiences.

Last updated July 04, 2011