Isolated Mind

Isolated Mind being nomadic

with eruption of hidden pain

in the form of ice

always crave to wander

on the scattered street of old memories

where shadow of frozen wound

throw pearl of notion

in darkness of uncertainity

and dried up perplex moments

with some known odor

and diffused silence;

shed tears with consistency

on the paved path of destiny

and that moment heart bleeds

for aesthetic sense of togetherness

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A well known poet globally in Hindi, English, urdu language . Published Internationally in various magazines, newspaper, electronic media, Television., ON BBC RADIO: A well known name for Ghazal and Poetry recitation in program “AAP KI PASAND” on BBC, radio and "Salam-e-Mehfil" on ZSALAM TV Channel., Four books have been published related to quality management systems and poetry in English, Hindi and in urdu also., Blog Links, -----------------, “My Blogs and Websites”,,,,, (for English POETRY)

Last updated June 24, 2015