Kris's Kitchen

by Louis Marvin

bacon and eggs, coffee grounded by that former cop

stop me if you heard this one, but at the kitchen table we must talk

another one of those wild pigs just crossed the yard

rabbits and deer and raccoon at night too

Kris's kitchen is like a dream come true

I miss it and I've never seen it, I miss grandma's and grandpa's too

I wish I could smell that bacon, and crack that egg, and open the back door

because the smell of pine would make this dream come true

from Prescott to the world, Kris's kitchen is open to you

Pining for Prescott

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writing as Louis Marvin since 1989, island is the muse, with Chinese girls and Hawaiian culture thrown into a pot of saguaro fired coyote dropping from the deserts of Arizona and Barstow

Last updated July 06, 2015