The Girl with the Moon in her Heart

The girl with the moon in her heart
Danced with stars on her feet
Chasing and catching the rays of the sun
Travelling the universe to where time once begun
'Why do we dwell with the ground at our feet?
The Earth is restricting, cage-like, too petite
Up here one is free from the boundaries and borders
Once drawn by men in the sand, as a way to make order
I have freedom of movement to dance around chaos
Past comets, black holes, planets, the cosmos
Liberate your souls from human geography
Come join me in mapping a cosmic topography
The light from within me shines through the dark
Journey in illumination, this is my art'
Thought the girl with stars on her feet
And the moon in her heart

I'm a sculptor who writes poetry to construct visual narratives for my artworks, using poetry as a vessel for ideas and thoughts to act musically and play with language.

Last updated January 29, 2012